Live a total greek experience. Offer yourself and your loved ones the opportunity to experience the greek way of living. Be one of the first to be part of what we call...

Picture this: 

You and your loved ones start to schedule your next vacations.

Greece seems a very tempting destination. Where to, really? Athens? Yes, sounds good. The Acropolis, famous museums, interesting sightseeing, tempting nightlife. OK, let it be Athens.

Any other options? A greek island maybe? Cyclades sound good. Beautiful, sandy beaches, relaxation by the sea, cycladic blue and white. Lets vote! Both? But how? Is it possible? YES IT IS!

The concept is simple: Stay in Athens for one week, in a cosy, renovated, fully equipped apartment located in a local, typical athenian neighbourhood. Visit all the attractions of the city. But most important of all,

live like a local.

Have your greek coffee early in the morning. Visit the local grocery shop for the supplies of the day. Learn how to pronounce KALIMERA

Then, follow our licensed tourist guide to a private Athens Sightseeing in English or German

In the afternoon, have your lunch at a nearby restaurant recommended by the locals. Then, taste the magic of greek traditional cuisine by attending cooking lessons from experienced professionals and get hands-on experience in preparing some of the most well-known greek recipes.

When the night comes, let yourself have fun and be a part of what we call “the Athens nightlife”.

At the end of the week, Aegean Cottage will be waiting for you in Andros. Relax, tranquil, enjoy the silence and the beautiful scenery in a traditional cycladic farmhouse.

This is our new concept:

Stay by the locals Project.

Just check the photos and contact us for details.

Summer 2024 is closer than you think! 

Address: 32, Stournari Str., 5th floor, Athens

License No: AMA 00001378888